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Agricultural consultancy: we offer consultancy to individuals and organizations on crop production, crop protection, market survey, exportation and animal husbandry. Specifically, we assist farmers in getting resistant and improved seeds/seedlings, farm establishment, management, storage of harvested produce and markets where they can sell at competitive price. Also, we assist farmers that want to go into exportation on the Maximum Residual level (MRL) of pesticide required globally.


Training: Apart from our online consultancy work, we also do physical training for farmers and unemployed youth. The training allows participants to discuss and engage with our team of professionals physically on all areas of interest to them

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To provide opportunities for farmers to access expert consultancy for all operations in the agricultural value chain 


Training of producers on international standards for compliance to country requirements 



Providing new innovations  role players within the agricultural value chain to enhance agricultural productivity.



To provide accessible platforms for role players in the agricultural value chain to connectinvaluable information.



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