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Apalowo Oluropo A.

Founder Mobile Plant Clinic
Research fellow at University of Ilorin
Ambassador for Next Generation Plant Science Network
Email: oa.apalowo@unizik.edu.ng; ropoapalowo@gmail.com

Apalowo is a plant pathologist with a Masters’ degree in Crop Protection and Bachelor’s degree in Agronomy. I am a Ph.D. student presently working on the biodiversity study of virus and nematode on watermelon in Nigeria. My previous work involves the use of botanicals in the management of plant parasitic nematodes. I have also worked as a student intern and a consultant at the Nematology unit of International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, Ibadan, Nigeria, where I gained valuable experience on diagnosis, identification and management of plant diseases in the screen house and field. I have attended both local and international trainings and conferences in the course of my career, including the 2019 Summer School at Ghent University, Belgium where researchers were trained on how to identify unique element in their project and generate entrepreneurship ideas from it. During the 14th IUPAC International Congress of Crop Protection Chemistry that was held in Belgium, I emerge as one of the N-GAGE champions (an innovation award in sustainable Crop Protection), and the only person from West Africa. I am a member of Nigeria Society for Plant Virology (NSPV), Nigeria Society for Plant Protection (NSPP), Young Professionals for Agricultural development (YPARD), CONNECTED Virus Network and Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU).

I had an administrative experience as the Social Director of the Postgraduate students’ Association (POGSASS) during my Masters’ program. Presently, I lecture in the department of Crop Science and Horticulture, Nnamdi Azikiwe University as an early career researcher.

My focus is to create a platform for young stakeholders in agriculture to assist Africa farmers and share relevant information on modern and affordable agricultural techniques, use of improved varieties, effective disease management, post harvest loss, among others. In 2019, along with other stakeholders from Africa and Europe, Mobile Plant Clinic (MPC) was created.

I love traveling, reading and learning new things. I am also a soccer fan.

Msc. Lucas Vanhaelewyn
Director, Mobile Plant Clinic
 PhD candidate at Ghent University, Belgium
 Director at SsemuAgrotech Consultants Ltd., Uganda
Ambassador for the American Society of Plant Biologists

Lucas Vanhaelewyn pursued a Bachelor degree in agro- and biotechnology at the KATHO University College in Belgium. His thesis relating to plant biotechnology for banana was done in in Uganda, Africa in 2011, where he has found his passion in Plant Biotechnology. Hence he continued his study in biotechnology and biochemistry and received a Master degree majoring in plant biotechnology in July 2015 with great distinction at Ghent University.

He started working as a PhD researcher in August 2015 at the Laboratory of Functional Plant Biology (FPB) of Ghent University, this position includes both research duties and tutoring master students. His PhD research focus is on the morphological effects of UV-B on plants. During recent years, academic education and research experiences were obtained through several specialist courses at Ghent University, Pécs University, Harvard University and Adelaide University. Lucas has built a large International experience with research related stays at Hawaii, California, Canada, Vietnam, Indonesia, Hungary, Bulgaria, the UK and Uganda. Since 2015, his research has yielded five first author international peer-reviewed publications and three co-authored manuscripts with several manuscripts currently in the pipeline.   

Apart from his main research interests, he is also devoted in voluntary development work in Africa. In his spare time, he is actively engaged in various plant biotechnology projects in Uganda while putting the knowledge of entrepreneurship in emerging economies (a completed specialist course from Harvard University) into practice and bringing vision into life. Lucas commits to positively contribute to the establishment of the Mobile Plant Clinic which will impact the livelihood of rural farmers.


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Suleiman MUSTAPHA B. Agric; M.Sc.     
Department of Crop Protection,
University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria
Short profile:

I specialize in crop production and protection of tropical West African agricultural crops. My previous works have spanned from successfully using Catenariaanguilulae a nematophagous fungi to control root knot nematodes, to the use of open vertical farms in increasing crop yield. I am also actively involved in the use of sustainable, eco-friendly techniques in the control of insects and other arthropod pests without the use of synthetic chemicals. Currently, I am developing a model and algorithm to predict pesticide residues and heavy metal contents in food crops even before they are harvested using the entomofauna honeybees and their products as variables.I have had administrative experience as the president of the Nigeria Association of Agricultural Students in my alma mater. I am also a Thought for Food Ambassador and a volunteer in the Nigerian Red Cross Society. I hold membership in the Nigerian Society for Plant Protection (NSPP), and the Nigeria Conservation Foundation (NCF), a foundation dedicated to the preservation of the natural ecosystem.I seek to translate learning into applicable solutions in contributing to the sustainable use of the environment to increase food yield. I have intense passion for agriculture and research with the purpose of significantly contributing to knowledge and science in making the world a better place before 2050.


Allan Rodrick C’oredo
email; coredo.allan@farmit.co.ke
Skype: allan.coredo.
Cell no: +254 713 124 737

Allan Coredo Is an enthusiastic Kenyan who derives passion in constant innovation and

creativity. He has a philosophy of ‘learning to Uber before you get Kodaked’ and this has enabled Allan to sharpen his ability to think outside the box making him a great problem solver. He is an excellent communicator with fluency in English and Kiswahili.

Allan Graduated from the University of Kenyatta with a BSc. Agribusiness Management and Trade. His love for research made him study a certificate in Statistical Package for social science (SPSS)  at the Institute of Advance Technology (IAT) and later on complimented his degree with an online certificate in  Sustainable development Goal; Feeding a Hungry Planet an E-course organized by the SDG ACADEMY. Allan has excellent skills in computer packages, proficiency in programing, web development and graphic design all of which are self-taught.

Allan is currently the founder of FarmIT an agricultural startup that improves small scale farmer’s livelihood through use of ICT enabled solutions. His role has been informed by extensive organizational development, lean constant innovation and radical creation of successful business experience. He is currently an advisor to BOX GIRLS Kenya business development unit and Co-founder of Kikapu gardens. These roles have enabled him to sharpen his skills in project management with focus on goal setting, planning, risk management, budget calculations and team development.

Before Allan worked for Kenya Seed Company for six years as an agribusiness specialist under marketing and later on in the field of agronomy where he interacted with farmers and developed a passion to alleviate them from the vicious cycle of poverty through ICT enabled solutions.

Allan C’oredo is a leader, the chairman of Ageing Concern Foundation; an organization seeking to support and care for the elderly who have been neglected and live amongst us. He is the Chairman of Deliverance Church youth group in Buru buru, a lover of books and a passionate football fan.

Duyilemi AKINYEMI (B. Agric. Tech; M. Agric Tech)

I am an agronomist with a specialization in production of tropical crops. I am a Masters’ degree holder from Federal University of Technology, Akure. I have previously worked on the effects of manure types and rates on soil properties, growth, yield and quality of garden eggs. Also I have done the assessment of variation in forest soil properties using different soil samples in increasing crop yield. I am also actively involved in the use of eco-friendly techniques like manures to boost crop production without the use of inorganic fertilizers. I have vast work experience having worked as farm supervisor of Afe Babalola University (ABUAD) Farms, Ado Ekiti. Presently, I work in the Agricultural Development Programme (ADP) office, Ekiti State, where I train local farmers on new innovations and methodology in crop production and farming in general. I am also a consultant to many farms across Nigeria where I help farm owners in establishing their farm, training of staff, monitoring and advising on how to attain optimum yield at harvest. My aim is to translate learning into practical solutions for farmers and provide information on sustainable and effective methods of crop production that will lead to increase food yield. I am a agricultural enthusiast and I hope to contribute to knowledge, science and make agriculture easier for African farmers.


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